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Zhejiang Machinery Equipment Import and Export Co., Ltd. and its delegation visited and exchanged views with Blue Arrow Company

      On December 8th, Sheng Zhenhao, General Manager of Zhejiang Machinery Equipment Import and Export Co., Ltd., Chen Tianqi, Deputy General Manager, and An Dong, Sales Manager, visited our company for a visit and exchange. Xu Jie, General Manager of Blue Arrow Company, Zhang Tianhong, Sales Manager, and export sales personnel are responsible for receiving visits and participating in discussions.

       At the meeting, Xu Jie, on behalf of Blue Arrow Company, warmly welcomed the arrival of Sheng Zhenhao and his delegation, and gave a detailed introduction to the history, industrial layout, and future development direction of Blue Arrow Company.


       In order to provide the mechanical equipment company with a thorough understanding of Blue Arrow products, they were invited to visit the company's sensor placement ultra clean room, high and low temperature compensation room, curing assembly workshop, calibration testing laboratory, etc., to gain a deeper understanding of the production process, testing process, production equipment, and product application of Blue Arrow suspension scale products.
        After the visit, Sheng Zhenhao fully recognized and affirmed the production capacity, quality management, and professionalism in hanging scales and sensors of Blue Arrow Company. He hoped that through strengthened communication and exchange, both parties could continue to enhance interaction, expand cooperation areas, and deepen cooperation in expanding overseas markets in the future.

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