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Blue Arrow Company went to Zhejiang Nowvow Electromechanical Co., Ltd. for research and exchange

On February 8th, 2023, Xu Jie, general manager of Blue Arrow Weighing Company, and his team went to Nowvow Company for investigation and had a discussion with Nowvow Company.
Zhang Litian, general manager of Nuohe Company, and his party attended the discussion.

At the symposium, Zhang Litian extended a warm welcome to the visit of Lanjian Company and his delegation, and gave a brief introduction to the company’s general situation and products, hoping to continue to strengthen cooperation and expand cooperation areas in the future.

Xu Jie thanked Nownow company for its warm reception, and introduced Blue Arrow’s industrial sector and future development. He hoped that the two parties would carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges around winches and sensors to achieve win-win development.

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