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Deepen school-enterprise cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

On August 8, Wang Yaojun, deputy dean of the School of Automation of Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Technical College, and his party went to Blue Arrow Company for investigation. research.

During the period, Wang Yaojun and his entourage visited the workshops of Lanjian Company and the newly established technology research and development studio, cordially expressed condolences to the two students of the School of Automation of the Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Technical College who were interns in the Technology Department of Lanjian Company, and encouraged the students to cherish the precious internship opportunities Reserve practical experience for future graduation.

Subsequently, Xu Jie presided over a research symposium. At the symposium, the two sides introduced the professional background and industrial development prospects of their respective fields around “deepen school-enterprise cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win”, explored more possibilities for school-enterprise cooperation, and discussed sensor customization research and development, and project engineering construction. etc. for in-depth exchanges.

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