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What is Anti-heat Crane Scale and how it works?

Anti-heat crane scales feature a sturdy, industrial-grade casing and an excellent insulation cover to prevent equipment damage due to overheating, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production processes. This specialized design is ideal for iron foundries, forging plants, and rubber processing facilities, and can withstand extreme environmental temperatures.

In operations that frequently expose workers to extreme temperatures, it is crucial to design equipment capable of withstanding these conditions, such as the crane scales commonly used in lifting and weighing systems. Crane scales used in iron foundries, forging plants, or rubber processing facilities must be heat-resistant to ensure correct workflow and accurate weight measurement.

The anti-heat crane scales have a heavy-duty housing to protect the sensitive electronic components inside. When purchasing high-temperature resistant crane scales, it is important to consider the most extreme temperature involved in your application to ensure the chosen crane scale can withstand that temperature.

Most anti-heat crane scales also require the installation of an insulation cover to protect the scales from the impact of extreme heat. The insulation cover is usually made of mild steel or stainless steel and is typically disc-shaped. It helps to block steam and smoke, while also preventing moisture damage.

You can contact us to ensure that the dimensions and specifications of the insulation cover meet your requirements for effectively monitoring weight data.

Anti-heat crane scale SZ-HBC do not have any built-in display, making it more suitable for high temperature applications, as the sensitive components remain unaffected by the heat. It can communication with remote display or wireless indicator to monitor weight data.

Blue Arrow provides high-temperature resistant crane scales and remote display communication methods, making it an ideal choice for your high-temperature applications.

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