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Technical features of electronic crane scales

Electronic crane scale belongs to the electromechanical integration of equipment, as a precision electronic weighing tool, the accuracy of its weighing is very important, too large a deviation will seriously affect the smooth operation of the work. However, any electronic product is difficult to do 100%, so the electronic crane scale according to the weighing tonnage is different there will be a certain error, of course, this error should try to do the smaller the better. With the ability to weigh accurately, there are two types, one is a direct-view electronic crane scale, the other is a wireless electronic crane scale.

Crane scale precision or error range of electronic crane scale: first confirm the acceptable precision or error range. Qualified electronic crane scale its precision can be 1/3000-1/6000, that is to say, the rated load of electronic crane scale for 3000KG can be allowed to error in the 0.5KG to 1KG, of course, the smaller the precision, the more expensive the price of electronic crane scale. Here we come to understand the electronic crane scale has technical characteristics!

Five technical characteristics of electronic crane scale:

1, electronic crane scale is used is a high brightness light-emitting digital tube display, word height 30mm, read clearly within 25 meters.

2, the shell of the electronic crane scale is an aluminum alloy all-steel shell, with a strong, impact-resistant, more durable characteristics.

3, electronic crane scale using high quality sensors, with * anti-vibration microcomputer technology, high-precision integration of MD conversion technology, weighing accuracy, rapid, good reading stability, short stabilization time.

4, electronic crane scale with a remote control, with zero, tare, totalization, volume value retention and other powerful functions, can be operated remotely, can also be operated directly on the pound body, easy to use, simple to operate, remote control and the pound body to receive signals up to 20 meters away.

5, electronic crane scale battery charging and replacement are particularly simple, bare hands can open the back cover of the battery compartment, directly remove the battery, the battery can be charged, without moving the pound, will be charged battery replacement, can continue to use, flexible design, battery charging, easy to replace.

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