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The 134th Canton Fair opened on 15th October

The 134th China Import and Export Fair opened yesterday in Guangzhou. This session of the Canton Fair in the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors are record high, to the number of overseas buyers will also have a substantial increase over previous years.

This year’s Canton Fair to the second day, the biggest feeling is a “new” word. First of all, is the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors of the Canton Fair hit a record high, in which the number of exhibitors reached 28,533. Yesterday, the first day of the opening, there are more than 50,000 foreign buyers to the meeting, this number is also than the previous year there is a substantial increase.

Popularity ushered in the opening of the door, where there are not only on time to the appointment of the “old Canton”, there are also many new faces for the first time to participate in the Canton Fair. In the Canton Fair, whether it is selecting products or looking for like-minded suppliers, will save a lot of time and energy and cost, and through the Canton Fair, you can also find more high-quality new products, open up new space.

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