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Crane Scales and Heavy Weighing Equipment

Industrial crane scales are used for weighing a hanging load. When industrial needs are concerned, very heavy, sometimes bulky loads are involved which are not always easy to place on the scales for determining the exact weight. Crane scales represented by a variety of models, with different range and weighing capacity, offer a solution for the problem how to weigh a nonstandard oversized load under industrial conditions. Blue Arrow digital crane scales are some of the toughest crane scales for sale today. Our industrial crane scales have big, easy-to-read displays. Our smallest crane scales have a weight range up to 20 kg and a bright display which can be clearly read from a relatively far distance from the crane scales. The KAE series crane scales have a weight range up to 50 t. Some crane scales models  reach a max. weighing capacity of 200 t. They are operated by rechargeable batteries, which provides convenient operation.

Based on their technical features and specifications, the application field of crane scales is wide: heavy industry, construction, transport and aerospace, various types of mills and factories, marine etc. – in other words, anywhere where the load cannot be lifted up and weighed by the person. When there is a necessity to get an immediate indication of the load and to measure tensile forces, the load cells or load links, both belonging to the load indicators, can be used. These types of crane scales are especially good for load monitoring, are lightweight, but robust and due to the electronics are likely to provide precise result in the fields of force measurement. Some crane scales can be operated via a remote control.

Thanks to the infrared remote control, on select models, the crane scales can be used under various conditions. The summing of crane scales allows for adding partial masses, so as to obtain the total mass upon completion. The robust construction of the crane scales make them ideal for industrial use. Blue Arrow crane scales have a safety factor of 4. Safety factor is how much stronger the system is than it usually needs to be for an intended load. Maximum safety overload protection is 400% in all the weight ranges. Some models of crane scales have an overload safety factor of 5 and an overload protection of 500%.

Safety is one of the most important issues because crane scales are usually in operation where there are a lot of other equipment and machines and any kind of accidents and collisions must be avoided. It is necessary to make sure that the crane scale is installed correctly in accordance with the rules and requirements of the manufacturer and is operated professionally by someone familiar with using crane scales. If this is provided, then the crane scales are likely to present very accurate precise results, good readability of the values and sufficient level of protection during overhead weighing or when it comes to overweight.

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