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Zhang Shujing, Secretary of the Group Discipline Inspection Commission, and his delegation visited Blue Arrow Company for research and guidance

       On May 26th, a delegation led by Zhang Shujing, a member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Supervisory Commissioner of the Provincial Group Company, and Chen Shuanghua, the director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Provincial Group Company (Party Committee Inspection Office), visited Blue Arrow Company for research. Xu Jie, General Manager of Blue Arrow Company, Luo Qixian, Deputy General Manager, Liu Zhen, and relevant department heads accompanied the attendees.

      Zhang Shujing and his delegation visited various workshops and sample exhibition rooms of Blue Arrow Company, and held a symposium.

       At the meeting, Xu Jie, on behalf of Blue Arrow Company, reported on the various work achievements since the transition period and the long-term development plans of the company in the future. At the same time, he pointed out some difficulties encountered in the company's current development. After listening to the work report, Zhang Shujing first affirmed the achievements of Blue Arrow Company since the transition period, and placed high hopes on the future development of Blue Arrow Company, encouraging everyone to unite and strive to strengthen and expand the company. Secondly, relevant suggestions were provided for the difficulties raised by Blue Arrow Company. Finally, as a new member of the group this year, Blue Arrow Company proposed three requirements: first, to grasp risks, improve various compliance management systems, strictly control the risk points of various important departments of the company, comprehensively implement the group's security deployment, and ensure the integration and high degree of unity of politics and business; The second is to work with integrity, emphasizing that everyone should be low-key, pragmatic, and down-to-earth in their work. The leadership team should take the lead in promoting integrity, and achieve integrity and self-discipline, clean use of power, and integrity at home. Thirdly, it is necessary for the masses to supervise, and to have a correct view of supervision. Grassroots employees are welcome to supervise their superiors, and the leadership team should take the initiative to self supervise.

       After the meeting, members of the leadership team of Blue Arrow expressed their willingness to use this as a new starting point, be strict with oneself, further improve ideological awareness, strengthen responsibility, and implement integrity in work.

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