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Anti epidemic Volunteer | One Heart Anti epidemic Volunteer with Me

       On the morning of June 10th, Liu Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Lanjian Weighing Technology Co., Ltd., and Wu Qiuhua, a young party member, arrived at the community nucleic acid testing site to carry out volunteer service work in response to the efforts of the enterprise community to prevent and control the epidemic in industrial parks and ensure the smooth implementation of normalized nucleic acid testing.

       In the nucleic acid testing room, the two of them put on heavy protective clothing, fearless of the heat and hard work, to scan, register, and take nucleic acid samples for residents and employees who came for testing. The volunteer actions of the two have set a good example for all employees of the company, playing a pioneering and exemplary role as party members. Other employees have also expressed their willingness to join volunteer services and contribute to society.

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