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Blue Arrow's "Group Standard for Tension Testers" Successfully Passed Expert Review

        On June 8th, the Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation organized an online project review meeting on the "Group Standard for Tension Testers" of Blue Arrow Company. Members of the Provincial Machinery Federation, project review experts, Blue Arrow standard drafting group, and experts from the Provincial Institute of Metrology attended the meeting.
        At the meeting, members of the Blue Arrow standard drafting group reported on the relevant situation of the tensile testing instrument project approval. Through online communication and discussion, the expert group proposed several valuable revisions to the standard draft, which were preliminarily reviewed and demonstrated, and approved for project approval. Subsequently, the Blue Arrow standard drafting group will implement the preparation plan and complete the standard development task on time.
        The tensile testing instrument is widely used in various engineering projects such as metallurgy, mining, power, docks, warehouses, etc. It can be used for tensile testing and weighing measurement of various materials and products. Currently, the same type of products are being produced and sold both domestically and internationally, with uneven product quality residuals. The main manifestation is inaccurate measurement of force values, which may cause losses or disputes to users. The metrological performance of the Blue Arrow tensile testing instrument has exceeded that of foreign products, So based on the company's current production inspection and enterprise execution of this product, as well as the user's usage needs, we have drafted a group standard draft.

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