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Carry out the theme activity of "Safety Production Month"

       In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Safety Production Month" activity of the national and provincial mechanical and electrical groups, the company organized a safety production month themed activity on June 24, 2022. On the day of the activity, Xu Jie, the general manager of Blue Arrow Company, delivered a safety production month themed lecture. The activity revolved around the theme of "fully implementing the main responsibility of enterprise safety production", clarifying responsibilities, identifying hidden dangers, and learning safety education videos, Intended to enhance the safety awareness of all employees of Blue Arrow Company and lay a solid foundation for safety production work.

       In order to do a good job in promoting the "Safety Production Month" activity, the company actively collects and organizes various safety month activity materials. The theme and related promotional slogans of the "Safety Production Month" activity are made into promotional banners, which are hung in prominent positions in the company, creating a good activity atmosphere.

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