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Liu Qiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company, and his delegation went to Blue Arrow Company to conduct safety supervision and inspection

      On March 8th, Liu Qiang, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the group company, as well as relevant personnel from the Safety and Enterprise Department, went to Zhejiang Lanjian Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. for safety supervision and inspection, with relevant personnel from Lanjian accompanying the inspection.

       Liu Qiang and his team went deep into the product workshop of Blue Arrow Company to have a detailed understanding of the current situation of on-site safety management, and listened to reports on the basic situation, business status, development planning, safety production and other work situations of Blue Arrow Company.


       Liu Qiang fully affirmed the achievements made by Blue Arrow Company and put forward relevant requirements for future development plans based on the actual situation. He pointed out that safety is the foundation of development, and doing a good job in safety production is of great responsibility and far-reaching significance. It is not only necessary to ensure the company's production safety, but also to carry out regular safety control. We must strictly implement the main responsibility of safety, tighten the thread of safety production, always establish a solid bottom line thinking and red line awareness, and solidly implement various safety production control measures.

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