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Group Leader Chen Cunfa and his entourage went to Blue Arrow Company for research

       On June 29th, Chen Cunfa, deputy general manager of provincial electromechanical group, Shen Yonghua, minister of science, education and information technology, Zhang Xiang, deputy minister, and Wang Eryi, director of science and technology management, and his party went to Blue Arrow to investigate and guide the work.

       Blue Arrow's general manager Xu Jie, deputy general manager Luo Qixian, deputy general manager Liu Zhen rate of the company's various departments accompanied by the person in charge to visit the factory workshop integrated safety management, production lines and warehouses, safety facilities and site management, followed by a symposium.

       At the meeting, firstly, Xu Jie, General Manager of Blue Arrow reported the work of the company since the transition period, and secondly, the heads of each department reported their work respectively. Minister of Science and Education Shen Yonghua highly evaluated the achievements of Blue Arrow since the transition period, and expressed the need to make full use of the Blue Arrow brand benefits, seek more external cooperation opportunities, strengthen the scientific and technological innovation and manufacturing capacity, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise itself. After listening to Blue Arrow's report on production and operation, safety and work of various departments, Chen Cunfa affirmed the results of Blue Arrow's work since the transition period. At the same time, he also put forward three suggestions: First, explore external cooperation mode, broaden sales channels; Second, play the Blue Arrow brand advantage, increase corporate publicity; Third, pay attention to compliance management system, establish and improve the rules and regulations; Fourth, firm safety production awareness, compaction safety production responsibility.

        On behalf of Blue Arrow, Mr. Xu Jie thanked the Group for its continuous support, and expressed that he would not be afraid of challenges, and that he would take the improvement of scientific and technological innovation and manufacturing capability as the future direction of enterprise development, so as to make Blue Arrow bigger and stronger.

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