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Outside directors of group companies went to Blue Arrow Company for research

        On July 21, Shen Minghua, Chen Truss, Sun Jian, Zhu Xiaomin, the external directors of the Group, and Lou Guoqing, the vice general manager of the Group, went into the field research of Zhejiang Blue Arrow Weighing Technology Co.

        Accompanied by Xu Jie, General Manager of Blue Arrow, Luo Qixian and Liu Zhen, Deputy General Managers, the outside directors and their entourage visited the workshops of the factory, the company's exhibition hall, and learned about the production line process, product technology and technology, and other company profiles, and then held a symposium.

       At the meeting, Mr. Xu Jie firstly reported the first half year's work of Blue Arrow since the transfer and the difficulties in the operation of the company. After listening to the report, Chen Trout, Shen Minghua, Sun Jian and Zhu Xiaomin, external directors of the Group, one by one, put forward their business ideas and management methods for Blue Arrow, firstly, affirming the work of Blue Arrow since the transfer, secondly, pointing out that Blue Arrow needs to make efforts in the direction of transitioning from the original institution system to enterprise operation, and finally, putting forward valuable suggestions: Firstly, we should think of ways to enrich the product structure and expand the business channels horizontally. business channels. Second, pay attention to enterprise cost management, learn to analyze operating costs through financial data. Reasonable use of group company resources, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and seek common development.

       After the meeting, Mr. Lou Guoqing, Deputy General Manager of the Group, made a concluding speech: firstly, he thanked the external directors of the Group for their in-depth research work at the grassroots level, and secondly, he affirmed the results of the first half year's work of Blue Arrow under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Xu Jie, and at the same time, he held greater expectations for the future development of Blue Arrow, and finally he hoped that after the meeting, he could seriously comb through the valuable suggestions put forward by the external directors, and combined with the actual situation of Blue Arrow, he would innovate to open up new horizons and realize the success of the comprehensive transformation.

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