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Lou Guoqing Preached the Spirit of Provincial Party Congress: Party Building Leadership, Emancipation of Thought, Goal Setting, Strengthening Management, Innovation and Practical Work, Empowering and Helping Blue Arrow's High-Quality Development


       July 29, group company party committee member, deputy general manager Lou Guoqing went to zhejiang blue arrow weighing technology limited company to carry out the spirit of the provincial fifteenth party congress. Blue Arrow's leadership team, department heads, all party members, party activists and employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xu Jie, general manager of Blue Arrow.

      Lou Guoqing to the party building leadership, emancipation of thought, seek to set goals, strengthen management, innovation and hard work for the Blue Arrow high-quality development of empowerment and help as the theme, combined with the actual comprehensive and systematic interpretation of the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the province, and further put forward the work requirements.

       Lou Guoqing emphasized that we should seriously study and implement the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the province, fully understand the significance of the 15th Party Congress of the province, and profoundly grasp the Report to show the strategic thinking, strategic leadership, strategic functions, strategic capabilities, to improve the ideological position, and further enhance the sense of corporate responsibility, the sense of development, to strive for excellence and the courage to take on the role.

       Lou Guoqing requested that Blue Arrow should tightly hold on to the requirements of "two first", practically practice the Group's strategy of "science and technology electromechanics", and through learning and implementing the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of Zhejiang Province, the Party building will lead the scientific planning of the enterprise's development goals and ideas, and adhere to the principle of "deepening reform and innovation, strengthening the fine management". Deepen the reform and innovation, strengthen the refined management, strengthen the company team construction, empower and help Blue Arrow high-quality development, for the group "14th Five-Year Plan" period to achieve the "double first-class, double-doubling" strategic development goals, for the province in the high-quality development of Chinese characteristics Socialist common wealth first and provincial modernization first contribute to the power.

       Xu Jie summarized the work of Blue Arrow in the first half of the year and reported on the work of the second half of the year. Xu Jie requested that all staff should deeply implement the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the province, practice the "88 Strategy", resolutely do the "two safeguards", and implement the "two forerunners" as a guide. Good work; further strengthen the construction of party organizations, party culture and clean government construction, party history learning, give full play to the role of party organizations and party members vanguard role, to achieve the organic combination of party building work and enterprise development.

      During the meeting, Lou Guoqing also exchanged views with the participants on the difficulties and problems in the process of development and reform of Blue Arrow Company in the light of the Group's special activities of great discussion and great planning and great action.

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