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Blue Arrow Company carries out "send cool" high temperature sympathy activities

       In order to effectively care for the physical and mental health of front-line employees, to ensure safe production in the summer high-temperature season, in the afternoon of August 22, Blue Arrow general manager Xu Jie, vice general manager Luo Qixian, deputy general manager Liu Zhen and the relevant staff of the integrated office to carry out the "send cool" high-temperature condolence activities for the high-temperature days in the front line of the grass-roots employees to send the summer care and coolness.    

       Xu Jie, Luo Qixian, Liu Zhen in-depth first-line, cordial and on-site staff exchanges, told everyone to pay attention to do a good job of heat stroke prevention and cooling in high-temperature operation, the implementation of safety precautions, and will be issued one by one to the hands of the staff of heat stroke consolation, sent the company to the front-line staff of the strong care.

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