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Xie Ping, Party Secretary and Chairman of Mechatronics Group, Visited Blue Arrow for Research

       On September 8, Xie Ping, Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman of E&E Group, Fang Weinan, Assistant General Manager and Minister of Legal Affairs Department, and Wang Guofu, Minister of Safety Production and Enterprise Management Department, waited until Blue Arrow to investigate the company.

       Xie Ping listened to the report of Xu Jie, general manager of Blue Arrow, on the work of Blue Arrow so far this year, and learned in detail about the industrial situation of Blue Arrow and the current difficulties and problems. Xie Ping fully affirmed the work achievements of Blue Arrow's management team during the transition period, and emphasized that the whole Blue Arrow should be firm in their beliefs, seize the opportunities, and push the enterprise to achieve high-quality development. First, we should strengthen learning and exchange, take the form of branch co-construction, strengthen visits and exchanges with the relevant member units within the Mechatronics Group, especially Yunda and Huachang, to learn the development experience and insights, and proactively change the ideological concepts and ways of thinking, laying the ideological foundation for reform and transformation; second, we should strengthen business exchanges, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Blue Arrow, and explore the cooperation with the members of the Mechatronics Group, as well as the upstream and downstream of the Mechatronics Group industrial chain. Secondly, we should strengthen business exchanges, give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Blue Arrow, explore business synergies with member units of E&E Group and upstream and downstream of the industry chain of E&E Group, expand customers by point to point, form channel advantages, and master core competitiveness; thirdly, we should strengthen cultural exchanges and promote Blue Arrow to integrate into the cultural system of E&E Group as soon as possible.

       Xie Ping asked, Blue Arrow company to reshape the change, and strive to have a breakthrough in the "specialization, specialization and new", and make achievements. First, we need to increase learning and improve our position. To digital reform as a traction, grasp the development opportunities, planning the "14th Five-Year" development path, unify thinking, change the original work concept, work style, and promote the overall reform and transformation of enterprises. Secondly, we should focus on core technology and expand enterprise characteristics. Follow the market demand, increase product promotion, with the help of technical means, strengthen market analysis, customer analysis, use big data to provide customers with personalized support and flexible services, to create the brand characteristics of Blue Arrow. Third, to achieve lean management. To overall systematic planning, logistics management, production processes and other aspects of effort, the use of digital, information technology means, and actively realize the fine management, to the management of efficiency, enhance the operating efficiency of enterprises.

      Xie Ping and his entourage also visited Blue Arrow's production line, products and showroom, and put forward requirements for safety production work.

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